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PARIS - 1997
Virtualison, virtualison!

Virtualisation du monde virtuel...

Passé, présent, futur, ... passe composé... et puis ... 

VIRTUEL: Qui a en soi toutes les conditions essentielles à sa réalisation (Possible, potentiel).

Maquettes virtuelles et gestion du projet.

Je rêve d'un langage virtuel...

Le jeu est virtuel, ... vous pouvez faire ce que vous voulez...

L’imperceptible virtualisation de l’être...

Virtualisation sans fin

Ce film bourré d'effets virtuels...

Virtualisation du monde!

Président virtuel, journal virtuel, discours virtuel.

Celui-la tu peux le tuer, il est virtuel!

On n'existe pas, on est virtuels!

Virtuel toi-même!

Je te virtualise et je pulvérise tous tes pixels dans l'univers!

Dans un ordre chronologique l'état virtuel précède tous les autres états.

Dans un ordre achronique, l'état virtuel se confond avec tous les autres états.

Dans un ordre synchronique, l'état virtuel est une facette de tous les autres états.


La théorie des présents composés



LOGO POETES salon-livre-2015.jpg

21 mars 2022 1 21 /03 /mars /2022 19:54
Visualization of concepts around the semiotic square. Of time and space
Semiotics in the Lifeworld
15th World Congress of Semiotics / IASS-AIS

August 30 – September 3, 2022, Thessaloniki, Greece

Proposal of Emmanuel and Mariela CRIVAT-IONESCO

Visualization of concepts around the semiotic square.

Of time and space

At the time of the first steps on the moon, we were young and we dreamed of making our last trip in a spaceship that would leave Earth forever... our first course in the semiotics of architecture was called "Terrestrial Elementaries of a Cosmic Architecture".

For eight years we have escaped in our works, in the unspeakable, on the path "At the end of Our Shadows" on our semiotic square, like the Chinese painter Wang-Fô in Marguerite Yourcenar's short story, "How Wang-Fô Was Saved".

Every work of art is all works of art!

Semiotics and noemics, elementary syntax and temporal deixis, visualization of concepts on the generative path.

Solomon Marcus, Algirdas-Julien Greimas, Bernard Pottier, Roland Barthes, Jean Petitot, Jean-Claude Coquet, Alain Rénier, Umberto Eco, Charles Sanders Peirce...

We offer an exhibition presentation of the original of our work of art entitled "Along letters and poems M&Em" for the duration of the conference and a semiotic reading in the way Paolo FABBRI spoke about the painting by Georgio de Chirico " Il Ritornante, 1918" during the semiotic walk at the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris at the Center Georges Pompidou. World Congress of the French Semiotics Association: "Greimas today: the future of structure" at UNESCO, 2017

The painting is accompanied by square brooches, offered to participants (as at the Congress of Buenos Aires)

"There is something superior to the truth – as indeed to everything else: it is love." Jean d’Ormesson, Guide to the Lost




Doctor of Philosophy in semiotics, obtained from Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III University (1985), and Graduated from the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, with a thesis for a semiotic theory of architecture, under the direction of A. J. Greimas (1981).

“The Built Hollow: Contributions to a Semiotics of Architecture“

Master's degree "Sciences of Design and Communication" from Paris School of Architecture - La Villette ; Master's degree "Architectural Theories" from School of Fine Arts in Paris, A. A. School of London, University “La Sapienza” di Roma ; Master’ degree "Real Estate Management" from Special School of Public Works Paris. Malta Socety of Arts.

Soon fifty years of “fusional” semiotic and artistic research with Mariela, his wife.

"M&Em Art Association" Paris-Malte has been since 2012 the crucible for the manifestation of the "semiotic" style of art; painting, sculpture and poetry with the "Prix Signatures" in 2017 and numerous exhibitions and publications in the trip “At the end of Our Shadows©“ from Paris to Malta, from London to Bucharest, from Buenos Aires to the Reunion Island, from Barcelona to Venice, from Zurich to Vienna, from the Roman Theater of Orange to the Prince's Palace of Monaco, from the Monastery of Melk to Baden Baden, from Canet Plage in Roussillon to Mamaia in Romania, from Andorra to Oxford... and perhaps from Matsuyama on the Island of Shikoku in Japan to Thessaloniki in the Thermaic Gulf, on the Aegean Sea in Greece.

Visualization of concepts around the semiotic square. Of time and space
Visualization of concepts around the semiotic square. Of time and space

2012 M&Em Art Paris-Malta 2022


When time becomes space


When the end of Our Shadows

Ripples on the waves of the sea

When our lips

Become a kiss

When our hands

Sculpt caresses

When our looks

Only see our eyes

When our breath

Kiss our bodies

When our words

Become poems

When our questions

Are also our answers

When our steps

Are dance steps

When our hearts

Beat in unison


Then and only then,

The moment expands into time

And time becomes space!



Anthologie de Poésie 2022

Édition les Poètes Français


This poem is most inspiring, coming at the right time as I prepare for a Dance forum in Florence next June. Indeed, everything is part of a whole picture, life itself, and this poem defines it all how Dance and the Visual and Figurative Arts are also all interrelated. If I may, I would like to read it or parts of it to make my point about the Correlation of Dance and the Arts.

Tanya Bayona (Malta)

Visualization of concepts around the semiotic square. Of time and space
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